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Real people, real results

Laura Renton

AGE 33
Occupation: Full-Time HMG

Busy mum and commuter with a full day has found the variety and quantity of sessions, especially the early morning have helped her work towards her goals even on her busiest days she makes time to train and always making use of our online support when away.

Sam Rhodes

Age: 29
Occupation: Team Leader Xerox

Sam came to boot camp to lose weight and that he did and he is still going over 25kilos and has gained massive amounts of strength along the way.

Georgie Mulholland

Age: 26
Occupation: Part time fashion designer and entrepreneur, part time sales assistant

Was un happy with her body and was also suffering from a knee problem that doctors had told her she would have to have operated on, now well over 20kilos of fat loss later and some strengthening of the muscles around the knee have led to a happier pain-free Georgie.

Ben Dennis

Age: 30
Occupation: Full time Scaffolder

Newly married came to add muscle and tone up for his wedding and has remained a member ever since.

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